Monday, June 7, 2010

A Declaration Contra the Other spirits Purporting to Be of Christ

Against the tide, the worldly spirit of the age that would be overwhelming were it not that God is ever greater, I forthrightly declare that the Christian life is not one that consists of social action, but rather faithfulness evincing the faith to Christ, that is, of uprightness in deed before God and men and in secret, because that deed is the adornment of Christ's doctrine, ergo the doctrine is just as important, indeed has priority above,precedes the life, because without it there is no action at all that is of the faith: mere acting upon "faith" is not acceptable or sufficient, but the faith is necessary. When the Rick Warrenses, Hybelses, Schullers, or any number of their many minions, disciples, predecessors, or kindred spirits, traverse the world telling unbelievers they need only do well what it is that they are doing in [a vague] "faith", they show themselves and their words to be the empty wells that they are ashamed of the gospel, and makers of proselytes twice the children of hell. To say otherwise in any of these particulars is frankly a revolt against Christ Himself, who came to divide, and warned of false brethren and teachers who, He warned, come in sheep's clothing, and transform themselves into angels (messengers) of light: it is not that they all know it, but as the apostles warned, the many are themselves deluded, and lead their hearers into destruction.

I say therefore that it should come of no surprise that the fruit of these errant men and women the world over is to trample the sheep, mock the discerning, denigrate those who "criticize", and slander them as "divisive" and "sinful" to "question" their idol leaders and the ideas, beliefs, and causes they pursue and propagate: it is no surprise they openly and boldly lie in professing a faith and practice wrought solely from the Scriptures yet so obviously teach, believe, and act contrariwise; it is no surprise their self-appointed authorities harp, with pretense of humility and gentleness generally, but harshly when their game is spied by those who openly exposed them, on obeying and submission to authority, yet refuse themselves to be subjected to the sole authority for the faith and practice of the Church, the Scriptures, which they should preach faithfully, yet merely twist and use to adorn their own ideas, which self-serving and brainstorming they both encourage and celebrate: using the masses to their own ends, and not waiting upon the Lord patiently and in faith that whatever He wills, "thy will be done", presuming even to tell all what His will is, and reducing Him to mere images of men and idols which they would prefer, therefore rejecting genuine and proved theology because it is an inconvenience and contradiction to the image of god they wish to elevate before the eyes of men in order to draw followers after themselves to accomplish their own visions and dreams. It should come as no surprise that their lives and words blaspheme Christ, or cause others to do it; it should come as no surprise that they attempt to obscure the reality by attributing to God their own works and deeds and results, even though the fruits cannot stand in the test of His word, which is like fire to prove or destroy what is set before it; it should come as no surprise that theirs is another and impotent god and christ, effeminized and powerless to save the able sinner upon whose decision He is, they say, waiting; it should come as no surprise that they hate and scorn to be examined and critiqued thoroughly or accurately, and dismiss all in the name of a tolerance, encouragement, and acceptation of all who will just walk with them, whether or not professing Christ, though all the worse for those that do whom they should, like amongst themselves as professors, discipline for any and all aberrations or departures from the word.

It should come as no surprise that challenges to them like this, exposures, etc., they will roll their eyes at, laugh off, dismiss, and hold in contempt, though if it is true it means they are doomed yet, despite styling themselves as Christ's own, and reassuring themselves vainly and mortally in that very delusions. One could, on the one hand, be tempted to feel sorry for the many converts, as if they were victims, but that would be the same as feeling sorry for those marching into the hands of an angry God who will throw them into the abyss of fire, as if they were victims of their sin and not its perpetrators: the many converted to the counterfeit christianities are so by their willingness to believe what is false over that which is true, excusing about better marketing or presentation, or feeling them "more relevant" notwithstanding. Nevertheless, I do hope direly for many of these persuasions, as many of us have been sanctified out of the delusions, and in sin were shown mercy, so why should hope any less for them?

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