Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Contacting Me

If you know of anything unbiblical in the content of sites referenced (i.e. linked), or on my own pages, please alert me, and also the brothers of those sites, of the thing you detect, that I can investigate, and that they can investigate; please note, however, that contact solely to lodge complaint with matter disliked, without demonstration from the Scriptures, validly and accurately handled, of why the point or points in question are in error will be received as a mere statement of opinion, indicative of a disagreement without sound reason, and may for this be dismissed: insofar as I may make response in good faith with my current responsibilities, whether one that is personal or that points to further resources for your edification and serious perusal, so I hope to do: when the matters at hand demand that I should not, then I might not, though I hope in most cases to at least indicate some further reading that could address any complaints.

Being Helpful
In the event you discover some error, broken links, or other matters that require my attention (e.g. I could have spelled something wrong, and you want me to fix it: I don't mind, let me know!), well, let me know.

Commenting on a post/Adding to it/Saying "hi" because of it:
That's what the "comments" on a blog are for. : )

Making Contact
As for making contact: besides in comments to specific posts, anything extraneous to the rest, or for faster response, should be left in a or in comments to this post.

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