Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rough draft(?): OdeReply to the Beck of Popular Christendom

Constructive input and opinions on the ending (the original or standing version?), welcome, (for your poetry snobs, I'm aware it has hard rhymes),

Why would I want this fellowship
of blasphemy in Jesus' name?
(Pelagius's children marching on.)

"Look at us, our mighty deeds,
what God had done through us as means"
(Common causes any could up-drum.)

In hordes build they, up earthly dreams
convert so many, to man-wrought schemes
like mercy's wrought according to their laws.

These earthly voids, their dusty wells
ring not the Bridegroom's wedding bells,
bid they 'come and live', and not die,1

Twice-Childes of Hell.2

1 Strange as it is, many teach a dying for their cause or purpose as a sort of way to gain purpose in this life, rather than a constant mortifying of one's own will and desires foremost for Christ in obedience to Him, which seems always to work-out being incompatible with the schemes of those who so exploit people in the name of God--often they are deluding themselves, the exploiters, that they're doing His Work, which fog of delusion is quickly exposed by light of the word's testing.
2was, Children of Hell

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