Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day's Pearl

I boasted, though a little boast, of the happines in my sorrows wrought by some ill health mental and physical-unbearable hives that keep driving me to prayer for which I was hungering, to pray to God not only for others, not only for myself, but also for an act in relationship towards/with Him, to my mother who believes prosperity-gospel teaching, hoping it might dent her delusion, disabuse her of the falsehood that keeps her trapped; a message about how Jesus himself told us rejoice in our sufferings; she sent a nonsensical message back "When in scripture you see suffering it usually has to do with trials of dealing with people and their wackiness". She continues, "If God were to get glory out of people getting and being sick, then Jesus wouldn't have gone around and healed people. Sickess is of the curse not the blessing. You need to find out what is wrong and be healed of it. Please go see a doctor...........Please!!!!!!!! Thank you :)~"

How strange to find happiness in failure, in sickness. How elevating to one's eyes to be in gratitude for suffering, though the results produce now be imperfect. One wants to put to words what is behind the delusion of her, and that of others blinded by falsehood, to diagnose man's heart and relieve the error such that they might turn in actuality to Christ in truth, genuinely, but such is not man's place or in his power; I am reminded again that we are helpless, as once I realized in confronting Mormons that I was facing a spiritual, demonic, wall and that nothing was or had been or could get through them, so interrupting every false statement with a challenge from the word, and then showing it in context in that text without wresting, they began to shake as those unsocialized as children such that they looked damaged, and with their shaking repeated over and over the Mormon mantra (called by them "my", they say, "testimony").

How similar the grasping of error, whether unto death, or mere error, but how common among men to hold fast to what is untrue, what is do the detriment of their souls and robbing of true riches. But this is my pearl for now, that is, that again I am reminded we are but helpless watcher's of God's work, and that His word is the power, unto action, conviction, condemnation, hardening, softening, enlivening/quickening, correction, direction, even salvation: not anything we might devise by cunning or observation or our own experience. This is my pearl for the day, that is, we are helpless, and must remember it.


  1. I just wanted to say AMEN..

    Afflictions draw us closer to God as we can not lean on ourselves..

    My faith and security have often grown the most in times of trouble .