Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Place for Response to a Comment...

This post is a place made for a response to a comment where I asked a fellow a question regarding this comment, about a biblical phrase, which [comment] was:

The HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Version, 2003) has a note at 1 Sam. 25:22, "Lit. "of those of his who are urinating against the wall." Because this is an idiom for "men," I like that the HCSB chose that word as the text's translation. And yes, "men" may well be a better translation than "males".

I'm just curious about why "men" may be better than "males"; perhaps he means this because fellows like Rashi took this to mean anything with a phallus, (even dogs), although it actually just means male humans.

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  1. That statement which I wrote some months back was the result of some recent study I had done. I cannot recall one specific source to which I could refer you on that, but I felt the comment was well justified when the knowledge was fresh in my mind.

    I thought listing my evidence went beyond the scope of what would be appreciated at the Bayley's blog, and now I've plum forgotten. Sorry!