Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Archive-Section for the Blog

Feb '11
Jan '11

Dec '10
Nov '10
Oct '10
Sep '10
Aug '10
Jul '10
Jun '10
May '10
Jan '10

Dec '09
Nov '09
Jul '09
May '09
Apr '09
Mar '09
Feb '09
Jan '09

Dec '08
Nov '08
Oct '08
Sep '08
Jul '08
May '08
Apr '08
Mar '08
Feb '08

(So I wanted a way to make a blog "archive" without using more than about a line of side-bar space. KISSing it, I've decided to make a post that I can hand-edit with the months, and so I present to you the Blog's Archive.

Unfortunately it's not a post I can make disappear and have called only by someone clicking on the "Archive" link to the right. That's okay, though, a little exposure and perhaps Google might take notice and implement features in blogger that are like this.)

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