Thursday, October 9, 2008

Resources on the King James Version

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Significance, About, etc.
The King James Version (Bible Researcher)

Quoting Michael Marlowe: "This is historically the most important version and it continues to be the most impressive literary translation of the Bible ever made. All serious students of the English Bible should make themselves thoroughly familiar with it."


[Examine] KJV-Only[ism]
"Against The Flood of Propaganda from King James Onlyism"
Westcott & Hort Resource Center: Two Frequently attacked men who's words are taken out of context by KJV-onlyists; those quotes are given in-context at this site, which is also trying to make their full works available (for scholarly-historical interest, though some would still apply today, mostly some of their doctrinal writing, works like their text-critical writing often does not)

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