Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saints' Voices, "Liberty", and Separation

Something from "Andy S", reformatted, who over on an OldTruth post wrote, "Here is something a professor at a Bible school gave me about tv" and posted:

"The television is my shepherd, my spiritual life doth want.
It maketh me sit down and do nothing. It leadeth me beside men of no faith.
It restoreth my desire for worldly pleasures.
It requireth all my spare time and keepeth me from doing the will of God,
because it presenteth so much foolishness which I must see.
It increaseth my knowledge of nonsense
and keepeth me from the study of the Word of God.

Yea, though I live to be a hundred,
yet the viewing of my television shall have first place in my life
as long as it doth operate,
for it is my closest companion.

Its sound and its picture, they comfort me.
It presenteth foolishness and folly before me continually
and keepeth me from surrendering my whole life unto God.
It anoints my mind with seeds of corruption
and fills my head with vanity, which profiteth me nothing;
my cup remains empty.

Surely, no good things will come of my life,
because I am devoted to my television,
which leaveth me no time to serve God acceptably.
Thus I will dwell in the House of Confusion[,] forever.

And another unsorted, but valuable question by a brother (bryan rieke) left there is [here missing the first sentence]:

i too have been musing what being "separated" looks like. i mean it has to look like stuff i do and dont do to some degree... no? it seems of late i have been hearing alot about our(christians) freedom in christ or christian liberty. conspicuously absent is talk of holiness though. christian liberty is great but i fear that liberty is cherished more than christ is, i.e., the things of christ treasured over christ himself.

I note that "liberties" in the NT often refers to that which some boasted in, for which they were admonished not to boast or parade-about at the expense of conscience or wrecking of weaker brothers and sisters; and some simply just did what was wrong, but tried to call it "liberties".

While not, at the moment, fully probing into "liberty", here's a sermon on "True and False Separation", by Bob DeWaay, though I'm not sure on the comments about the Law:

Could anyone else comment (correctly) on that (the law comments about certain points being done-away with)?

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