Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anthophila at Work on Catnip...

If ordeals won't end or torment cease, I recommend getting out a while for some idleness in admiring nature. If you click an image it will enlarge; right-click the larger image and select "view image" (in Firefox) to get the ability to zoom in. Noncommercial downloads welcome, and by downloading you can also zoom even more in an image viewer, as these are high resolution photos; please share by pointing anybody here to the source; use for commercial purposes without permission is discouraged as I am hardly able to make an income myself, and would appreciate notice and a little bit of collaboration on commercial work:

Bees on Catnip...

...and flying

...with stump and fungus in background

Blue (Orchard?) Critters:

 (Apologies for blur image above, but catching these with the camera was quite hard.)

Apologies, but my 4MB digital Kodak couldn't catch the smallest bees, or every species there: too much movement, so while I hunted a few very pretty individuals, I largely tried to wait on slower individuals that would come close. A very small specimen that "Trigona minima" I had no chance to catch, though what is actually was I don't know. Wasps also buzzed about, but nearer the ground aside from the location I was focused on.

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