Friday, February 10, 2012

If they were watered...

Rick Warren twits,
Twitter / Rick Warren: Stop expecting someone else to take responsibility for your growth."
Maybe if the so-called pastors actually preached the word, not about the word, not the word adorning their ideas, not the word in bits useful to their visions, not the word + their ideas, not the word + spices like adulterated wine, and not the word merely in hopes of growing numbers, but feeding sheep, then maybe, maybe the sheep would grow rather than wither and die in malnourishment and poisoning, trampled underfoot by the mobs brought in without a white gown and christened and assured falsely because of which the word of God is blasphemed while they mistake it for persecution for Christ's sake, and maybe then we could say that one plants, and the other waters, and of course then they would grow, that is, those who are sheep, while the numbers would shrink, with the false brethren being driven away by the stench of death which is the breath of life to all those being saved by God's intention.

And Hallelujah if it was unlike your teaching, trying to keep people from going out the back door when they do for all the right reasons, whether because they are not of His fold, or not regenerate yet, or because the preacher is a hireling, and not His undershepherd, no matter how influential, loved or interesting to the world, shocking, or massively followed, and they were driven out the front door, so that congregations of the dead--that were never alive, can be left that way, those given to Christ would be driven out to leave the dead to bury the dead; live Churches could be purged, whether by driving the false who blot their worship out, or converting them to new creatures, removing the stain, or even getting them who are genuine s voted out along with the true shepherds (perhaps in the name of discipline, and unity, and keeping peace "fort Christ"!) so they no longer need fret and morn in confusion at the disobedience that now passes for the way, or liberty, or Christian, and give thanks to God, and expose the counterfeits.

Maybe you haven't heard, but pastors are responsible for their flocks, and if not for growth, then they are, as was mentioned, for the things prerequisite to it.

Frankly, to the Warrenses of the world, someone else is responsible for the growth, whereas the sheep do nothing but hear Christ's voice, and word--the Father's, and follow, and abide, and that someone, is, GOD.

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