Friday, February 17, 2012

Baptism (or Ordeal) in Anguish

Addition, 2012-06-03: I wonder where this man's preaching would have gone had he continued to live. A Assemblis of God-Pentecostal who turned into someone beginning to warn against...the manifestations of Pentecostalism (which Pentacostalists have always taken as signs of the Spirit, marking them as the true church--at least at one point, etc.), false teaching and teachers; that sorrow for sin was missing in the churches, that they wanted the hand of God and what it could give, but not He who gives and holds... I wonder whether this preacher would have been reformed by the Spirit of God ever more from the errors and excesses of his background, and made to urge ever further his hearers to discernment, real repentance, true truth, a pure faith, unmixed conduct, and so forth, or whether for mixture and blunders on his own part whether he would have been, by increasing focus on such things, dangerous himself. I wonder...

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