Friday, January 20, 2012

A Perspective on Education

Perspective: Self-study often means poverty and lack of good pressures and oversight. It also means no need to please other men in your conclusions, however. For formal education is conformity, and education that is not formal, is not worth paying for; that which is not structured and rigorous, can be accomplished without the oversight from authorities worth paying. Education has always been a field of standards, and not infrequently standards that have little to do with things like truth, and more concern for politics, marketability, prestige, and accolades. I think it no surprise that Socrates taught open-air, and instilled anosognosia by asking many questions, rather than demanding students claim to know; I think it not good necessarily that any should deny the utility or even goodness of knowing something, for even Socrates, we can see, in his want sought to know. It is the false claimants to knowing that are the problem; we note that politics and education, or the politicians, and the democracy, in this very earliest of cases, do not mix well with knowing, or with truth, or rather, with the exhibition of their lacking knowing: they sentenced one who simply exposed the truth of their deficiency of knowing, exposing their vacuity, to death.

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