Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music that Can Accurately be called "Christian", that is suitable for teaching one another and for praise in worship


I had a widget in the blog sidebar and realized that it took a while to load, which slowed down the blog when it is loaded. It's a music widget and since it's worth having I decided to make a separate post devoted to worthwhile Christian music--you know, music that's Christian in Substance and not just in name. Here I've placed not only the widget, but intend to place other examples of genuinely Christian music. Right now this post will have to stay in a somewhat rought state, just dropping things on here (have things to do!), but it's a start.

The point is that, after a few more posts, this one will drop off the front page of the blog, meaning that loading the blog main page won't be slowed by the active content, but the content won't be lost from the blog, either.

Good Shepherd Band's "Wake Up Sleeper"; click the widget below to listen. 

Matthew Smith's "Goodnight",
<a href="http://matthewsmith.bandcamp.com/album/goodnight">Goodnight by Matthew Smith</a>

to do:
- see http://www.baylyblog.com/music/

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