Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern-Orthodoxy at Berean Beacon.
In recent years interest in the Eastern Orthodox Church among Christians has grown steadily and there have been a number of converts to this religious body. A prime reason for this interest has been the growing fascination with mysticism and ancient tradition which has permeated Western societies. Increasing numbers of Christians are coming into contact with Eastern Orthodox mysticism via the Emergent Church and the writings of the Orthodox "Church Fathers". There are many strands to Eastern Orthodox mysticism; this paper briefly examines a few significant areas such as Theosis, Hesychasm, the "Jesus Prayer", Spiritual Fathers and Light Mysticism.

Yours in the grace of the precious Savior,
Richard Bennett

1. The Seven Pillars of Orthodoxy
2. Orthodox Bishops High Priests
3. Just Say No
4. Icons Visions of a Spiritual World
5. Evangelical Issues for the Eastern Orthodox
6. Eastern Orthodoxy The Mystical Trap

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