Monday, February 25, 2008


I thought I should explain "R-ASV" in the blog description which I put a verse first. The "R" stands for "Revised". "ASV" stands for the version properly designated "Revised Version, American Standard Edition", which is popularly known as the "American Standard Version"; among seminaries it was known as the "Standard Version" and hence the reason the first revision of it was called the "Revised Standard Version". The "revision" I made is taking the old "wherefore" and substituting "therefore" (as you'll see in modern versions).

I like to use public domain resources when possible. Any changes in a work indicated as that work I indicate so someone can check into it if they desire: so there's the point of the "R".

Depending on how literal a version is I sometimes change-up. Usually for the more literal, the less only used as commentaries (if correct). I probably would have used the English Revised Version (the first edition of which the ASV is a second edition) but the ASV's punctuation here is better (by one mark) so I chose that one.

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